Vocational training preparation courses (EQL 1)

If you are not sure where you would like to work yet, this course is a great introduction to vocational education and the world of work. After completing this course, you reach ‘Level 1’ of the European Qualifications Framework.

Course profile

Pre-vocational training courses are full-time courses which last one year. In addition, students have the chance to receive the so-called “Erster Schulabschluss” diploma which is a secondary school diploma upon completion of the 9th grade (relatable to ‘Level 1’ of the European Qualifications Framework).

The main goal is to promote professional knowledge and relevant skills in order to improve students’ opportunities to get an apprenticeship. Furthermore, students can gather practical work experience while doing an accompanying internship.

Admission requirements
Students interested in theses courses
  • have already completed their compulsory schooling at a full-time school.
  • have not received a school diploma yet.
  • are not completing a job training or another course for secondary education at a vocational college at the moment.
Course impressions
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