Erasmus + project in Valencia, Spain

On Sunday evening a group of students travelled to Valencia (Spain) in the context of another Erasmus+ project. Our students are completing an internship abroad in various organizations and companies that focus on media, marketing and graphic design.

Erasmus+ project in Turkey

In April 2023, ten of our students and two teachers visit Datça in Turkey. Our students expand their intercultural and professional skills through school visits, practical learning units and various cultural activities.

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First international internships after COVID-19

After the pandemic departed, the btg has started traveling and exploring Europe again. 

Since the beginning of 2023, we have already carried out two international projects funded by the EU program Erasmus+ for our students as well as our teachers.

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The “H₂VocationalLab“ project

The “H2VocationalLab“ project of the btg has been developed out of the “Zukunftscampus Emscher-Lippe” project by the Ministry of Labour, Health and Social Affairs of the State of North Rhine-Westphalia.

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Our path to digital transformation on TV

The television station ZDFinfo portrays our way to digitalization on television.

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We've won a logo competition

Our students have won a logo competition for designing a logo for our partner “Quartiersnetz Buer-Ost”.

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Project week on “sustainability in professional and European contexts”

For one week, our students have been working on different topics connected to sustainability in professional and European contexts, e.g., upcycling of jewelry or planning a sustainable bus station.

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Students receive their DELF diploma

Four of our students have received their DELF diploma for French (Diplôme d’études de langue francaise) after taking the exams in May 2022.

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We have been awarded for our education for sustainability

Our school has received the award “Schule der Zukunft” (“School of the future”) for the second time. This award honors our commitment concerning our education for sustainability.