eTwinning at the btg


Our school has been participating in international student projects on the eTwinning platform since 2015. Students learn how to use media and overcome their own language barriers.

In 2016 and 2017 we were awarded for our projects “We ate Europe – living together in peace” and “Visions of a Future World”.

We also use the platform as part of our Erasmus+ program in order to prepare out students for internships abroad and to exchange ideas with European partners.

Students are motivated to exchange their ideas, to use different programs and apps to work on various topics in cooperation with students from other European countries. Teachers can take part in training programs in order to coach the students.

Current projects

At the moment our students work in cooperation with a Portuguese school from Gafanha da Nazaré on the eTwinning platform. They focus on sustainable ways of living and working.